Our Philosophy

The philosophy SaveIT follows is: With simplest of data from the customer’s facility, we should predict his/her Savings potential with high accuracy and provide a complete end-to-end service so that the predicted Savings Potential is achieved. For this, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technological advances, an extensive list of equipment suppliers and service providers for implementation. But most importantly, SaveIT has resolved that monetary problems should not check the implementation of technology. We provide financial support to our customers through leading and trusted organizations. We intend to establish and nurture an ecosystem which makes India progressively efficient.

We save energy cost by

1. By evaluating monthly electricity bill

2. Ensuring no penalties are to be paid

3. Availing possible tariff benefits for you

4. Improving your air conditioning system

5. Solar panel installation to generate clean energy

6. Installing energy efficient lights and fans

7. Exploring New Technologies to save energy cost

What we do for you?

Provide end to end solution to save electricity costs for SMEs, businesses & homes
Ensure that you pay less electricity bill.
Keep track of your bills and consumption using remote monitoring system - SaveIT

our team

Bhavana Chittawar

Director and CEO

Cerified Energy Auditor developed many it enabled solutions in energy efficiency.

Kunal Gadre


CEA,AEA Energy performance contracting in commercial buildings for more than 6 year.

We are here

We are here

11/5, IT Park Rd, S Ambazari Rd, Parsodi, Nagpur, Maharashtra 440022

Working hours

Monday - Saturday:8:00- 18:30 Hrs