1.Save electricity at home and business.

2.Ensure that you pay less electricity bill

3.Keep track of your bills and consumption


1.Solar roof-top to save 90% of your Electricity bill

2.Solar water heater


1. Fan :Rs1500/Year

2.Tube light :Rs 300/Year

3.AC :Rs 4000/Year

4.Other products to reduce electricity cost for home and business

FinEffi, in the simplest of definitions, is a mixture of two important concepts: Finance and Efficiency. FinEffi is a Fintech company aiming to scale up energy efficiency implementation in the commercial buildings sector in India. The philosophy FinEffi follows is: With simplest of data from the customer’s facility, we should predict his/her Savings potential with high accuracy and provide a complete end-to-end service so that the predicted Savings Potential is achieved. For this, we keep ourselves updated with the latest technological advances, an extensive list of equipment suppliers and service providers for implementation. But most importantly, FinEffi has resolved that monetary problems should not check the implementation of technology. We provide financial support to our customers through leading and trusted organizations. We intend to establish and nurture an ecosystem which makes India progressively efficient.

FinEffi is much more than telling you how much you can save. With its experience, FinEffi has triangulated on the best technologies which have a proven record for providing savings (achieving energy efficiency). One of the main factors while triangulation was the ability of these projects to provide an attractive Return-On-Investment. These projects, in a sequence of highest ROI to low, are provided to the customer and savings are displayed. Once we generate the customer’s trust in our ability and the technology will recommend, it serves as an automatic motivation for the customer to go for more projects.


1.By evaluating monthly electricity bill

2.Ensuring no penalties are to be paid

3.Availing possible tariff benefits for you

4.Improving your air conditioning system

5.Solar panel installation to generate clean energy

6. Installing energy efficient lights and fans

7.Exploring New Technologies to save energy costs

Next Steps…

FinEffi: Your Trusted Partner In Energy Cost Reduction

FinEffi reduces electricity costs for homes, hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and MSMEs and is commited to reduce 20 to 25% of your energy costs. We use IOT & data Analytics to make you aware of your energy consumption & solar generation.